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Mustru: Desktop Search

Building Search Applications

      The book "Building Search Applications" contains many examples using open source software from Lucene, LingPipe, and Gate.

Download the software for the book here.

The book illustrates the use of these open source tools to build search engines, categorize documents, detect plagiarism, analyze sentiment of documents, and cluster documents.

Mustru is a desktop search engine written in Java using Lucene, Lingpipe, and the Berkeley DB . Create an index from a set of directories on your local filesystem and use the Web based interface to query the index. Submit questions in natural language or boolean queries using keywords.

The Mustru project was started in January 2007 to build a desktop Question & Answer search engine to quickly find relevant information. It runs on Linux and Windows platforms. Use the provided SWT based GUI to create an index for specific directories on your local filesystem.

A sample Web based interface is included that runs on a Tomcat server. You can change a few JSP files to create your own search interface.

Check the requirements before installation. Mustru has been tested on TREC Question & Answer data.

Version 0.2 of Mustru uses a simple table based entity extractor to speed up the indexing process and requires less memory. The results are reasonably good. Use Version 0.1 if you want a higher precision Q&A system.

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